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Suzhou Creek Legends Walking Tour

Scroll down Shanghai's oldest transportation hub repurposed as a cultural destination with Art Deco design, bullet holes, and colorful reflections!

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Shanghai City Free Walking Tour

Discover the wonders and secrets of all the must-see attractions in downtown Shanghai!

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French Concession Free Walking Tour

Relive an exotic era of style, tranquility and romantic surprises from the historical Orient!

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Wartime Jewish Ghetto Walking Tour

Feel the love, peace, and inspirations of the former Jewish community through little-seen authentic Shanghainese alleyways!

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Propaganda Discovery Walking Tour

Demystify the history of communist propaganda, street art, and the education system that shaped modern China through generations!

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Our Story - Free Walking Tour Shanghai, Beijing

Legendary Century Old Road Walking Tour

Wander through early 20th century European architecture while hearing about its vibrant history and revolutionary transformation!

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Disappearing Old City Walking Tour

See new city elements arising through various layers of history and architectural treasures in vanishing old Shanghai!

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