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Roam Free China was founded in 2019 in Shanghai as a Chinese inbound travel brand for international visitors. Free Tours China is proud of being a branch of its brand products, which include diverse cultural experiences as city walking tours, cultural immersion events, social networking activities, local life insights, and much more. We redefine discovering China!

We Record the Urban Lifestyle Through Locals' Cameras

We are dedicated to showing you our vibrant city life by constantly updating travel and lifestyle blogs, vlogs, even Livestream broadcast!

We Build Up Social Networks and Travelers Communities

Travel is never just about sightseeing. It could be positive vibes, impressive people, fun activities, food… We are here to make your short term trip into a life-long connection!

We Partner With Influential Travel and Events Organizers

Our local partners: OkDeal Travel, Shanghai Fun, Julia’s Events, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and much more!